martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

My avatar


My avatar´s name is Fernan Warrior

He is a warrior from Malaka.He wears fashionable clothes.His very tall and ugly.He has got long and brown hair.His eyes are black like the night.He is a little bit fat and he has a big nose.His legs are very short and his arms are short too.
 by Fernando 

My avatar's name is “Claauudiiaa”.
Claauudiiaa's hair is curly and fair.
She's got rubby ears.
She's got a terrifying mouth.
She's got horns.
She's got wings.
She's got eight legs.
She's got tentacles.
By Claudia.

She has got short brown hair. She´s got reindeer antlers. She´s got butterfly wings.
She has got frog arms. She´s got kangaroo legs. She´s got a tail. She's got big bronw eyes.
she´s got purple t-shirt and blue skirt.

By Clara

My avatar name is condrol.He has got a lion mane and lion ears.He has got tusks with whiskers.He has got gorilla arms and condor legs and condor wings.He' s got a feathered tail.
By Brian

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012


Fish and chips is a simple meal. They usually use cod, haddock, or any other type of white fish. They also put some salt and vinegar on the chips.........Mmmmm! Delicious!!!
This is a traditional fish and chips shop in England.          They're everywhere.

                                     They are also called   "a  chippy".
                                          People usually go there on Friday nights.

They're really famous. They appear on some stamps!

In the past,  they sold   fish'n'chips  in special cars which travelled around town. You could buy it in the streets, near the office, in the parks.. It was a good and cheap meal for working people.

 Traditionally,a  fish and chips meal  is wrapped in newspapers
But you can also have it on a plate, in a restaurant.

This is completely different. There is a lot of food here. What can you see on the plate?